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RKM Investments

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Headquartered in Cincinnati, RKMI is a team of experienced real estate professionals committed to the development of mixed-use, multifamily, single-family, and commercial real estate in urban infill locations.

  • Total projects completed in the last 24 months: 32

  • Total volume: $9.96 M

  • Average return: 31%

RKMI Investment Mix





Our business model aims to mitigate portfolio risk by diversifying acquisition and development strategy across a range of property types.


By careful utilization of a combination of value-add and opportunistic investment strategies we believe that we will be successful and able to create superior assets at a favorable cost basis.


RKMI sees great potential in the Cincinnati market and will strive to use it as the nucleus to grow. Our objective is to invest in assets tailored to providing aggressive risk adjusted returns to our investors.



  • By clearly defining investment criteria and having complete transparency

  • A robust pipeline (forward 24 to 36 months)

  • Unlike other real estate investment companies the risk is managed with a perspective of an owner rather than that of an asset manager

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