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Overseas Management Group LLC

OMG Logo LR.jpg

OMG LLC is a Ohio based company operating since 2014.  Over the last  four years OMG has excelled in identifying and acquiring investment properties, self performing all required work to the assets and Market and lease/ sell those assets!  OMG LLC takes pride in being a vertically integrated asset and investment manager for its group of investors and clients.  

The efficiency created by through vertical integration provides OMG a unique vantage point from the perspective of an investor and developer.  The few trades such as MEP, realtor etc that are outsourced to third party vendors are done with certain strategic partners.  This provides OMG the ability to get preferred pricing due to the volume of business offered to those vendors.  

OMG has established it self as an award winning Design Build company as well! We take pride in providing the best quality workmanship and products for our clients.  Having done a large number residential, commercial, medical office & multifamily  projects we provide our clients and investors with a perspective not many companies are able to.  

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