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Investing with OMG & RKM Investments

Our investment consultancy is our most thriving division. With investors from not only across the US but around the globe trusting us to manage their wealth.  From the beginning of the 2017 we have successfully completed more than  32 projects and have acquired many more in the same time frame.  Our investments have easily been able to get returns north of 18% to say the least.  OMG & RKM Investments generated revenue of over$15 Million over the past 24 months and has projects of another $10 million either under construction or in the pipeline.



4 bedrooms, 3.5 Bathroom

A complete & extensive structural rehab with completion in 1 year.  expected return of over 30%

Hyde Park

3 bedrooms 1.5 Bathrooms 1350 sqft

A quick Flip with major rehab, offerd to our investors only, was not on the market and project completed in 6 months.  Sold within 3 days of listing, yeilding a return of over 40% to our investors within 6 months.  




3 bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms

A flip with a complete rehab.  Completion time frame 4 months yielding a return to our investors north of 140% annualized. Sold before listing

Recent Projects

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